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WMIC Media Group LLC ("WMIC", "WMIC Media", "WMIC Media Group", or the "Company") is a media company stationed in New York, New York that provides quality media and media outlet sources. The Company engages with business entities for advertising purposes, partners with media outlets for increased platform exposure and program development, and a multitude of relatable products and services. Using their proprietary platform, "WMIC Premium" (Launch Aug.2021), the Company has provided elevated premium content for subscribers that host early access to a wide variety of content.

The Company believes in their "hand in hand" approach, where they operate in good standing and good faith business arrangements. Similar to shaking hands or holding hands when supporting someone, that is the WMIC way and how the Company prefers to operate, hence why the Company calls it the "hand in hand" approach. 

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To bring awareness, exposure, and opportunity to media platforms, curators, and all that wish to gain from a greater audience.


Become the #1 platform choice for aspiring media outlets and continue to provide outlets with a global platform.

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