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Business Relationship Growth

WMIC Partners with businesses, entertainers, and more to help elevate not only their business exposure and activity, but to circulate the access to resources that seem unavailable or hard to reach. WMIC operates under their “hand in hand” approach as well as respecting the golden rule in their arrangements with their partners. They have strict requirements that must be met in order to be considered a partner, an application process, as well as their set up process to establish into the benefits of being a partner.

When you think about a partner, you think about someone who is supportive, transparent, trustworthy, and upfront in all their dealings with you, and that is exactly what WMIC aims to provide as well as receive with all considered to be partners with the Company.


WMIC Partners are entitled to a world of benefits from the relationship they developed with the Company.


Benefits and incentives are offered to and given to all partners for their cooperation with WMIC Media.

  • Reduced Advertising Costs/ Free Advertising

  • Free Promotion

  • Cover the costs of production/travel and more.

  • Shared Revenue Experience

  • Shared Exposure and Passive Marketing

  • Ad Creating (Videos and Images)

  • Commercials

  • & Much more!

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