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Podcasting or "Podding" has become a very popular media platform in the past few years. Here at WMIC Media, the Company supports small to large podcasts. If you are a podcast that has been building itself up and is looking for a professional edge to boost current success, WMIC is here to help!


Who said Video killed the radio star? On the contrary to the popular 1980's mega hit by The Buggles, Radio is very much well alive and well. Many radio stations have grown and innovated to incorporate their radio with video to enhance their audience. At WMIC Media Group, they have developed relationships and connections to Radio Stations, shows, subsets, and alike across the United States.

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YouTube has been around since its founding in 2005 and was acquired by Google in 2006. Ever since then, YouTube has grown to be the largest platform for video content. Many people flood to YouTube to create how to tutorials, post music videos, and all sorts of content for viewers to enjoy. WMIC supports the content creator 100% and have partnered with YouTubers to help them grow as curators in many different ways.

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Today more than ever, creators have the ability to make a stapled benchmark for themselves and maintain their creativity while maintaining their business at the same time without the help of an entity. As many find, they desire to grow but hit a blocking point, or they simply become overwhelmed wit their schedule, they need to turn to outsourcing. WMIC Media gives more than being an outsourced help, WMIC works "hand in hand" in business with you.

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