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Events Hosted/Sponsored by WMIC

WMIC Media hosts events throughout the New York area, as well as works with event hosts/companies to produce exciting and productive events. “In house” events are hosted and held by WMIC at a purchased venue, where the audience is given the opportunity to enjoy what WMIC has to offer based on the purpose of the event. Ticket Prices will vary. “Yard Events” are events not hosted by WMIC, but they are sponsored or supported by WMIC.

In House Events

WMIC Media hosts music performances, fashion shows, networking events, to Premieres, and many other types of events. Dating back to 2018, WMIC has worked to produce events that would benefit the participants as much as the audience. Contact WMIC’s event team at for more information, ticket related issues, or if you are interested in being a participant.

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Yard Events

Working with outlet 3rd party vendors and hosts, WMIC has sponsored, supported, provided media outlet sources, and/or connected Talent to events on a national scale. From big events like the Music is Art Festival to smaller sublet promotions, mini tours, network events and more, WMIC has been there as a resource consistently. If you are an event host or company looking to contact us, please email

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